UPSHOTOne uses a new field of mechanism design called peer prediction to incentivize people to answer questions truthfully.

Here's how it works

Join Communities

People join communities around topics they are interested in or educated about.

Ask Questions

Questions are asked to different communities. Questions can be about people’s opinions, like "do you like potatoes?" or about things that have correct answers, like "did it rain yesterday?"

Answer Questions

People answer questions and their answers are compared to others’. They get paid based on a new mutual information measure that ensures people are paid the most when they are honest.

Get Paid

With this, individuals get paid for simply telling the truth about things they care about and people asking questions can have confidence that the answer they get in return is true.


UPSHOTOne can be used to:

  • Resolve prediction markets
  • Verify subjective insurance claims
  • Coordinate decentralized governance
  • Predict the future
  • Identify misinformation on social media
  • Conduct reliable user research
  • And more...
Many apps rely on a notion of ''truth'' to function but, today, defining truth is either expensive or relies on centralized powers.

UPSHOTOne is a platform that pays people for their honest knowledge and opinions. Its unique incentives enable it to serve as a robust and secure source of truth for many different applications.