ETHGlobal HackMoney 2021 Bounties

Join Upshot and over 1,0000 engineers, designers, and creators at HackMoney 2021 to help build the future of DeFi. We will be awarding $4,000 in prizes. Submit your hack for a chance to win one of two Upshot bounties that will be up for grabs.


📅 When: June 18 – July 9, 2021

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Upshot is a platform for crowdsourced NFT appraisals. Leveraging a new peer prediction mechanism, Upshot analyzes correlation between answers and pays people for honest insights. A decentralized community of experts interact with Upshot to deliver quick and accurate pricing of assets. 

Through crowdsourced NFT appraisals, Upshot aims to provide closer to real-time price feeds for NFTs. Efficient NFT price discovery will provide a number of benefits to NFT marketplaces and DeFi protocols, give people insights into what their assets are worth, and unlock a range of powerful new DeFi products.

Upshot Prizes

Upshot will award $4,000 in total prizes:

Idea #1: Best NFT subgraph or aggregation of NFT data

This prize will be awarded to the most interesting NFT subgraphs or aggregation and visualization of NFT data.

  • We’re looking for projects making great use of NFT data sources for analytics and appraisals
  • Build NFT subgraphs for specific contracts using The Graph
  • Hint: We would love to see subgraphs for OpenSea and Rarible

🛠 For inspiration check out Upshot’s SuperRare subgraph

Idea #2: Best NFT appraisal pricing model

This prize will be awarded to the best NFT pricing model. Novelty of the approach will also be considered when awarding this bounty.

  • There is a wide variety of ways to approach NFT pricing; rarity, traits, collection, artist, past sales, open-market data, etc.
  • Pricing models may be used to value NFTs and essentially be a type of “appraiser” in Upshot. In other words, you can get paid through Upshot by developing accurate pricing models. 
  • We recommended leveraging Upshot-built subgraphs for some of the leading NFT marketplaces. Other data sources could include additional subgraphs, the OpenSea API, on-chain data, or anything else.

🛠 Get started with Upshot’s NFT subgraphs

Be creative! We’re excited to see what novel NFT subgraphs and pricing models you build!


Get started with our HackMoney video workshop:

Questions or feedback? Hop in our Discord to chat with the Upshot team. We are excited to answer your questions about building 🛠 dApps with Upshot!


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Upshot aims to provide real-time price feeds for NFTs through crowdsourced appraisals – empowering a new generation of appraisers and catalyzing powerful new innovations at the intersection of DeFi x NFTs.